3 Benefits to Living in a Townhome

October 29, 2015editor

When trying to decide on a piece of property to buy there are many choices to make. The first among the list should be what type of property you intend to buy. Generally, people tend to lean towards a single family home or a condominium as opposed to a townhome. However, there are several unsung advantages to living in a town home.

More for your Money

The first benefit of living in a townhome is the most obvious. You get more for your money in this type of housing than you would with a single freestanding home. The interiors of these homes are often much nicer than what one could afford in a single-family home of the same size. Another likely option is that one is able to afford more space in a townhome than they would a single-family dwelling. The savings don’t stop after the initial purchase. Owners of townhomes generally save on repairs as well as on things such as lawn maintenance, snow shoveling, and on memberships to amenities that are often included within the complex such as a gym, tanning bed, or clubhouse.


Less Maintenance

Further, this style of home is great for the busy single or family as the Home Owners Association often takes care of maintaining the exterior of the homes. What this means to owners is that they get to have a perfectly manicured yard and a parking space void of trash or even snow and clean pool facility without having to lift a finger or take a minute out of their busy schedules to take care of these tasks. Additionally, they generally do not have to worry about repainting the exterior shutters or getting up on a ladder to wash the exterior windows because these things are done for them.

Building Friendly Relationships

The final unsung benefit is actually the proximity of the units and the relationships that this proximity creates. When people are living close to one another they will pass each other in the parking lot or on the way up to their home and relationships are formed. This is great for singles looking to meet a significant other or form new friendships, but it can also be great for seniors who would enjoy the security of having someone nearby in case they need help. So, town homes give their owners the freedom to own their home and have the same amount of space as a single-family home while having all of the benefits of living in a close knit complex community.

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