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3 Secrets of Apartment Searching That Everyone Misses

March 28, 2016editor

You have a new job, and you need an apartment right away. You know nothing about the city where you will be working, and you have only a few days to find a rental. You need some help, and this article will offer you some suggestions to make your apartment hunting easier.

Don’t Have Unreal Expectations

You shouldn’t expect a spa, swimming pool, stainless steel appliance, hardwood floors, free Wi-Fi and cable, washer and dryer, and two bedrooms for $1000.00 a month because it isn’t going to happen. Do some online research on median rent prices in the area you hope to live. Are they affordable? What amenities can you live without? Have you set a budget? Decide what you can afford to pay, and don’t stray more than a few dollars. If your budget is $1000 a month, you can probably pay $1100 if the apartment was really special, but don’t let yourself get talked into $1300 or $1500. If there are certain amenities that you need, such as a washer and dryer, figure those in first and be willing to cut back on something else.


Avoid Summer Moves

Summer is the peak moving season. Apartments are harder to find, and the prices are higher. Renting in the winter can save you as much as $200 because more rental units are available. Moving during the off season is always the best choice. Your rent could go up when winter rolls around, so it’s wise to look for short rentals offering short-term leases and weekly rentals.

Research the Apartment’s Location

You can always believe what you read online. You need to dig in and research unbiased information before you make a decision. City-Data can be easily searched and will provide all kinds of statistics for any zip code in the United States. You can find out how many sex offenders live in the area, what the crime rate is, and even the average apartment rent for that zip code. Never pick an apartment based solely on the monthly rent. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You may be looking at a less than desirable neighborhood.

Planning your move carefully always turns out better. Do the research first, and then move into the best apartment for you.

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