7 Things a Tenant Should Keep in Mind

April 9, 2015editor

1- Be ready with the papers – As they say, prevention is better than cure, you would want to be prepared with the necessary papers in order to prevail over a potential proprietor. To gain an advantage over the others, make sure to line up documents such as referral from landowners, the company you work for, and your associates. Your credit statement is another vital factor that would be taken into account.

2- Evaluate the rent agreement – The terms and conditions of a rent agreement are set by mutual consent, and one should verify each and every point before putting up that final signature. There’s an off chance, your lease agreement may include provisions like using the property for business, self- renovation or restrictions on visitors.

3- Set your privacy policies straight – To stay away from any kind of disagreement that may arise in near future, make sure to put a firm notice of your privacy rights in writing and protect them accordingly. You don’t want to be caught in an awkward situation where the landlord can enter the property at his will and you are left with no option but to bear the same.

4- Ask for regular modifications – Your landlord is responsible for all the minor and major repairs that a living space demands. These include good sanitary conditions, personal safety, electric and water supply and other basic amenities. In case the owner doesn’t care about these things, you have the right to withhold some fraction of the rent amount in order to get the repairs done by yourself.

5- Maintain good relations with the Landlord – Things can be sorted out easily if talked over with decency and mutual understanding. There might be a case where your landlord may be too busy to pay a visit to the rental property in order to get the repairs done. You can ask him for his problems and state yours too. This will help make the relation strong.

6- Know the terms of security deposit – At the time of the agreement, it should be clearly mentioned what amount would go down as the security deposit, and under what conditions it will be refunded. The landlord may not agree upon refunding the amount in case you leave the place in less than 6 months. Make sure to clear all the doubts before the payment.

7- Safety is priority – Is it a safe neighborhood you are living in, or is it one of those areas known for criminal activities. In such a case, you can demand safety measures to be provided by the landlord. Ask him to hire a security guard or install necessary devices.

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