Selling Your Home: Secrets to Staging Your Bedrooms

March 23, 2015editor

Kitchens and baths get a lot of attention at home-staging time. After all, these are the areas that home owners dream of updating after watching renovation after renovation on television. However, your buyers are looking for more than a chef’s kitchen. They want a place to call home — a place to relax and completely unwind. Bedrooms are where you sell this powerful idea.

The master bedroom should be almost spa-like, making buyers feel calmer the minute they step through the doorway. Children’s rooms, while more colorful, should make buyers believe that this is the perfect place to cuddle up with a bedtime story. And a teen’s room should seem a retreat for dreaming and studying. Here are some tips to make your bedrooms convey a relaxing message.

  1. Minimize furniture. Spacious bedrooms appear relaxing. No one imagines unwinding in clutter. Even beautiful furniture can feel like clutter if it intrudes upon the room’s space. Experts suggest that you remove all furniture except your bed, nightstands, and either a dresser or a chest of drawers. This step involves packing many of your clothes, but you’ll have to pack them anyway when the house sells.
  1. Paint. Fresh paint is always inviting. Colors that are found in nature tend to be the most soothing. Choose among taupes, beiges, muted greens, and hints of blue. Consider how each room flows into another and guard against a patchwork of too many colors. Eggshell paint has a sheen that helps rooms appear a bit larger.
  1. Use soothing bedding. Keep bedding neutral, like the bedding you find in five-star hotels. Coverlets and spreads lie flat and convey a formal look that you will never achieve if you use a fluffy comforter. Choose bed skirts that are tailored rather than gathered for a calm, finished look.
  1. Accent with pillows. To balance the neutrals in your staged bedroom, choose a complementary color and splash it about with pillows. Strong colors work well against a neutral pallet. Try teal, navy, gold, brick red, or green. 
  1. Clear furniture tops. Your next step in making a room appear tranquil is to make even the tops of your furniture clean and spacious. Remove everything except lamps and alarm clocks. Polish your furniture until it gleams. Now, add one important item to a nightstand: a hardback book with the dust jacket removed. The book suggests relaxation. Choose a non-controversial title with binding that coordinates with your chosen accent color. Novels work well.
  1. Add some life. Bring life into your bedrooms with plants or vases of fresh flowers. Live plants add warmth to rooms and make them feel vibrant. Never use silk flowers. Since silk flowers are artificial, they send a message that the entire staging is artificial, and suddenly, your room becomes a set instead of a retreat.
  1. Double check the spaciousness. The final step in staging your bedrooms is to walk through your home as if you were a buyer. As you approach each bedroom, assess its spaciousness. If it doesn’t seem as spacious as you had hoped, rearrange the furniture so that it doesn’t encroach upon the door. You may even need to remove a nightstand or opt for a smaller dresser.

Once you’ve staged your bedrooms, be vigilant about keeping them calm and relaxing. Don’t let clutter creep back into your space. You’ll enjoy your new retreat away from the stress of everyday life, and buyers will find themselves drawn into the spacious serenity that you created.

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